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Operating out of Toronto's historic St. Lawrence Market, A Bisket-A Basket has earned a reputation as one of Toronto's most celebrated boutique food creators and manufacturers. From our packed location at the market's downstairs entrance, we offer as many as 100 flavors of homemade jams and condiments, virtually all of them available for sampling. It's one of the busiest spots in the building, and a ritual Saturday morning stopover for devoted fans who come from as far away as Europe to stock up on seasonal specials and new inventions.
Today, A Bisket-A Basket has a reputation for producing creative and unique flavor combinations. In addition to our original signature jams, we offer a variety of chutneys - Moroccan Tomato, Mango Kiwi Jalapeno, and Pear Clementine to name just a few; a top-selling line of savoury jellies such as Margarita Jalapeño; and a variety of pepper jellies. Another popular line is a collection of alcohol-infused jams based on cocktails such as the Bermuda Rum Swizzle and Pina Colada. With the inspiration of "North of the Border, Happy Hour starts at Breakfast", our BREAKFAST BUZZ (Jam) COLLECTION is a perfect way to start the day with Cocktails that have become delicious jams!
Express your love and romance all year around (and not just on Valentines Day) with our ROMANTIC MESSENGER (Jam) COLLECTION. With over 30 quotes to chose from, let us help you deliver your special sentiments, emotions and thoughts. Another way to say "I thought of You" is through our original and creative ZODIAC (Jam) COLLECTION. Each of the 12 signs come with 12 allocated jams and a richly illustrated, Canadian inspired, descriptive Gift Box Set.

The newest addition to our family line are low-sugar Xylitol sweetened jams for those with special nutritional needs- such as diabetics. Xylitol, a natural sugar alcohol sweetener made from corn and discovered over a century ago, has historically had very limited use as a result of its high cost. Considered one of the finest sweeteners on the market with no aftertaste, Xylitol has little affect on blood glucose levels because body metabolizes it independently of insulin. As a result, it is a true breakthrough for those who need to carefully monitor what they eat!

Current Xylitol sweetened jams include Strawberry Rhubarb, Raspberry Rhubarb, Tart Raspberry Lemon, Plum Blood Orange, Rhubarb, Red Lavender Strawberry Merlot, Black and Blue Juniper Gin, Apricot Ginger, and Sour Cherry Lemon. All are available for sampling at the St Lawrence Market location, and will soon be offered to specialty food retailers across the GTA.


St. Lawrence Market - Down Town Toronto | 93 Front Street East | TORONTO, ON M4E 1C4 | Tel 416 - 594 0111